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Gabriela Tio
25 December 2025 @ 05:49 pm

Yes, it's friends only.
I still keep opened un-useful things, but if you want to see WIP projects, fanfics, my story, and my experience, please read bellow and comment.
The Information is not a Lie but to see the Truth, you must read itCollapse )
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The Melody: Kim Nam Gil - Can't I love you?
Gabriela Tio
23 October 2012 @ 01:05 am

I made this for my assignment at school. So... it supposed to be me, but actually I messed up a lot and it turned out too ugly and I can just laugh now. *headdesking* And so I will tell you the step by step. I'm really sorry but I don't know the materials name in English since I can't find the translation. TT__TT (oh by the way, beware, image heavy. You can click on each pic to see the bigger size)

Step by stepCollapse )
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The Melody: Tackey & Tsubasa - Sotsugyou
Gabriela Tio
17 October 2012 @ 01:01 am

I wonder what gift Takki will give to Tsubasa this year...

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I'm ultimately sleepy. Just finished my homework design for tomorrow (although tomorrow class is holiday but not with the homework). Thank you to ballad for helping me choose which one is better. Today my mid-term exam began and ended. I'll have a long weekend starting tomorrow. Yaay! More time to explore Takkitsuba~
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